Children’s Dentist in Langley BC

Children’s Dentist in Langley BC
At Langley Village Dental, we pride ourselves in taking care of our littlest patients. Children can be a challenge for any kind of activity, whether it’s a haircut or bath, and dental care is no exception. In fact, it can be the most challenging thing for a child. To sit still, with their mouth open for an adult they don’t know can be a scary and intimidating experience. Our mission at LVD is to make the visit as comfortable and fun as possible.

Our Amenities
All our dental chairs are equipped with televisions so your child can watch their favourite TV program while they have their treatment completed. If they need to wait before or after their appointment, then we have a toy chest full of toys for all ages. For older children, there is an Xbox with several games to keep them entertained and challenged. After a successful appointment, your child will get to choose a toy from our large treasure chest. Our staff are well trained with children and love interacting with them. Patience is a virtue when working with children and we have it in leaps and bounds.

Children Sedation
Unfortunately, there are some children who cannot tolerate dental procedures due to a variety of factors. This is common and should not be a place of concern for the parent. Eventually, most children outgrow this phase. However, until they do, your child may require sedation to have treatment completed. Children can be very unpredictable when it comes to sedation and therefore, should only be sedated by a professionally trained specialist in a properly equipped facility. If it comes to the point where a child needs sedation, then we work in conjunction with some the best pedodontists that can take care of all your children’s needs. Your child will be referred to them for a complete assessment and treatment. Unfortunately, this does mean that there will be additional costs and many specialists do not accept payments directly from insurance companies.

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