Professional Root Canals in Langley

A root canal treatment can save a tooth that is severely inflamed, irritated or decayed. It may seem like the most intimidating dental procedure. Still, our compassionate and qualified staff at Langley Village Dental Clinic will make you feel comfortable and will very patiently take you through the whole process. Our personalized and dedicated attention to each one of our patients is what makes us the sought-after clinic in Langley for root canal treatment. We are proud to be associated with many dental associations.

If you are due for the root canal procedure, you should do it sooner rather than later, or else the infection inside the root will damage the bone and surrounding tooth. If you have a toothache but can’t decide about getting a root canal treatment in Langley, consult our dentists first.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Also referred to as Endodontic therapy or Endodontic treatment, the primary purpose of getting a root canal treatment is to remove and replace infected pulp or nerves in a tooth. The space present inside the hard layers of your tooth is called the root canal system, and in the said treatment, the space is filled with dental pulp that allows your tooth to grow.

Root Canal FAQ

There is a reason why a dentist advises dental hygiene: it helps the tooth enamel from decaying and forming a cavity. It is because once the infection reaches the pulp, a root canal intervention becomes necessary. If you need more information about root canals in Langley, make an appointment with our staff, and we will take you through the procedure.

Preventing the Need for a Root Canal

Root canals are needed if you have a severely infected tooth or one that has suffered from some type of trauma. This is a safe but invasive procedure that protects the natural tooth from irreversible damage and stops the spread of infection. It is often preceded by symptoms such as intolerable pain, swelling and bleeding. While in some cases, needing a root canal might be a result of unavoidable causes, it can generally be avoided by taking care of your teeth. We recommend the following steps:

  • Brushing: Brushing your teeth twice a day is non-negotiable. It is a cornerstone of preventative dental care, and it can help you avoid dental diseases.
  • Flossing: Some people have the misconception that flossing should be reserved for special occasions. On the contrary, flossing should be a crucial part of your morning and evening dental care routine. It helps you remove debris that is stuck between your teeth, which lowers your risk of cavities.
  • Hydration: Remaining hydrated is important for maintaining good oral health. It keeps your mouth rinsed and leads to the production of more saliva, which protects your teeth. Fluoridated water protects your health and prevents the formation of cavities.
  • Avoid acidic beverages and foods: Over time, acid can weaken your enamel and make your teeth more prone to damage. For instance, carbonated drinks can wear down your enamel and cause dental damage. They often also have sweeteners that erode your enamel.
  • Avoid chewing hard foods: When you chew hard foods, you face the risk of forming cracks in your teeth. They can cause damage to your teeth’s outer structure, even causing a fracture. These fractures provide room for the growth of bacteria.
  • Wearing mouthguards: If you’re someone who regularly participates in contact sports such as hockey, you should wear a mouthguard. This protects your tooth from chipping and cracking as a result of trauma from an accident.
  • Dental checkups: Routine dental checkups and cleanings can encourage good oral health. They lead to the early detection of dental diseases, which enables you to undertake the appropriate restorative action.

Say Goodbye to Dental Pain

Our root canals in Langley will help you get rid of dental infections and save your natural tooth.