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Even if you take the utmost care in keeping your oral health in good shape, you might still end up needing restorative dental services. At Langley Village Dental, we provide root canals and crowns in Langley. We aim to create a warm and welcoming space where you can feel comfortable putting your mouth in our hands.

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Root Canals

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Root Canals

Root canals are an important tool in a dentist’s bag of tricks that can help save your tooth from being removed and allow you to continue using your tooth. Many people cringe when they hear the word “root canal”, but with modern anesthetic methods and improved treatment techniques, root canals are no more uncomfortable than having a filling replaced.
Every tooth has blood vessels and nerves running through them. They enter through the roots of the teeth and travel up canals to the centre of the tooth. The centre of the tooth is called the pulp chamber. If the pulp chamber gets infected by either a cavity, dead nerve or any other reason, then there is no way to reverse the infection. At this point, there are only 2 options: root canal or extraction.

A root canal involves removing all blood vessels and nerves from inside the tooth. This is accomplished by making a small hole in the tooth that reaches the pulp chamber. Then using specialized files, the nerves and blood vessels are carefully removed from the chamber and from each root. The files travel down the canals in each root all the way to the end of the roots. An antimicrobial solution is also used to kill all bacteria and destroy the infection. Once all canals in the roots are cleaned and sterilized, they are filled with a rubber material called gutta-percha. Then a final filling is placed to close the hole that was initially made. Your tooth is now infection-free and restored and can be used to bite and chew once again. Teeth with root canals still have to be taken care of like all your other teeth, i.e. brushed, flossed and cleaned. If they are not taken care of, they can become re-infected, and the root canal would have to be re-done.
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One Visit Dental Crowns

At Langley Village Dental, we are proud to offer single visit dental crowns for not only your convenience but also to bring you the most advanced and accurate method of receiving a dental crown. No more temporary crowns and waiting weeks to receive your permanent crown. Your tooth will be prepared, and a custom dental crown will be digitally made to fit your tooth like a glove. Same-day crowns offer you the same high strength you would get from a lab but a more accurate fit which ensures long-term success.
Cerec is a state-of-the-art system that allows a computer to digitally scan your tooth and then create a custom-made dental crown for your tooth. It uses CAD/CAM technology that allows for 3-D designing of your custom dental crown. Dental labs use similar technology to make your dental crown the old-fashioned way. By bringing this technology to our clinic, it cuts out the time the lab needs to make your dental crown which can be several weeks later. Cerec technology has been around for over 20 years, and with several upgrades, the new Cerec system is one of the most accurate methods of making a dental crown. The final restoration will be a metal-free, high-strength ceramic dental crown that is bio-compatible with the tissues in your mouth.
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