The Importance of Regular Visits to the Dentist

The Importance of Regular Visits to the Dentist There are two parts to a routine dental visit: the cleaning and the check-up. During the dental check up, your dentist will check your overall oral health for any trouble areas. During the cleaning, your hygienist will remove any plaque and tartar buildup and may polish your […]

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked Tooth Syndrome Over time, people develop cracks in their teeth from normal wear and tear and usually remain superficial without causing any problems (called craze lines). However, if these the cracks run deeper, they can cause mild to intense pain especially when biting down on those teeth. This is known as Cracked Tooth Syndrome. […]


What is Invisalign? Is it right for me? Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment for correcting dental problems. Teeth are aligned to their proper place with the use of clear aligners that are specifically designed for your teeth. When it comes to the discussion of Invisalign vs. braces, there are pros and cons for each option. […]

In-Office Whitening vs Home Whitening

In-Office Whitening vs Home Whitening Is it better to pay a visit to your dentist for teeth whitening or should you try at-home products to whiten your teeth? We have outlined the differences so you can compare your options for a whiter, brighter smile. How White Can Whiteners Make My Teeth? No matter whether you […]

How to Prevent Bad Breath

How to Prevent Bad Breath Bad breath is a problem a lot of us face. Usually, it’s a temporary situation that passes quickly, but for others, it can be a long, often embarrassing battle. There are many factors that can contribute to bad breath and some those will be discussed here. The technical term for […]


Teething A baby goes through many changes as it grows but one of the toughest on them is the teething stage. For any parent who has ever had to suffer through a night or week of their child teething, they will tell how difficult it can be on not only the child but also the […]

Tooth Discolouration

Tooth Discolouration Tooth discoloration is a problem many patients come to our office about and since your smile is the first thing people see, tooth discoloration can be a big problem for some people. There are mainly 3 types of tooth discoloration that occur in the mouth. The first type of tooth discoloration is called […]

Ways of Reducing Pain When Getting Anesthetic at the Dentist

Ways of Reducing Pain When Getting Anesthetic at the Dentist The biggest fear most people have when visiting their dentist is the pain from the anesthetic (also known as freezing) needle. Getting needles, in general, can be tough, but the fact that the mouth is one of the more sensitive areas of your body compounds […]

When Should Children Start Using Fluoride Toothpaste?

When Should Children Start Using Fluoride Toothpaste? Over the last several years, there have been several studies and reports on the effects of fluoride in the body. Reading through these reports, there are obvious benefits to fluoride but also some health concerns as well. Therefore, it’s natural to feel a little apprehensive towards fluoride. Now […]

Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth Everyone’s mouth can feel dry from time to time but this feeling usually passes. However, if the condition remains long-term and becomes a chronic issue, then this can be a concern. This article will discuss some common causes of dry mouth and what can be done for it. Dry mouth occurs when you […]